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Our Client Work

Our services are outside of the box. We are reluctant to classify our work according to pre-defined patterns as this would compromise our freedom to leverage innovation in its entire spectrum.

Our aspiration is to systematically push ourselves and our clients beyond the comfort zone and apply our skill set in areas we have never worked in before. We do not want to stop growing and are keen to keep reinventing ourselves.

Our analysis is based on in-depth quantitative and qualitative studies that often lead to important forecasts in a given sector or area.

The Macro Economic Value Proposition of Open Source Software

Counting the Costs: Assessing the Role of Collecting Societies in the Light of the Internet

Crowdsourcing Prior Art Search

Analyzing the Impact of Intellectual Property Related Technical Assistance

Market Pricing of Patent Licenses

Assessing IP Monetization Solutions

* Disclaimer: Some of these project may have been undertaken before the formal creation of Oxfirst