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What we do

IP Valuation & Economic Analysis


OxFirst specializes in IP valuation and economic assessments of IP and Competition law. OxFirst’s IP valuations have been instrumental in assessing the value of patent infringements, the economic impact of investments or the determination of an adequate licensing rate for IP.

Since 2011 OxFirst has helped Fortune 100 companies, alongside Law Firms, Private Equity Firms and Public Institutions around the world unleash the value of intellectual property and foster competition strategy.

OxFirst’s valuations and economic assessments have a proven track record of success. They have assured innovators, law makers and investors alike to get a grasp of the economic value of intellectual property.

What we offer

IP Valuation

  • Enables IP Management
  • Facilitates IP Sales and Licensing
  • Assists in Litigation
  • Supports the Patent Box Regime
  • Validates Transfer Pricing

Economic Analysis

  • Offers Accredited Expert Witnessing
  • Undertakes Economic Testimonials
  • Provides insights on Competition Economics
  • Assesses the Economics of Intellectual Property
  • Allows Insights on the Economics of Law

From Trash to Gold. IP Valuation wins Company 20 million US Dollars in upfront licensing revenues.

OxFirst’s IP valuation enabled the formulation of an IP strategy for the recycling of electronic waste. With millions of cell phones, tablets and PCs thrown away every year, finding a solution to the recovery of potentially useful resources from such trash is essential. OxFirst helped by assessing the economic value of the patents in this space and assisted in formulating a licensing program. This was undertaken in the spirit of social entrepreneurship. The results of OxFirst’s IP valuation led to an upfront licensing payment of 20 Million Dollars plus an attractive running royalty fee over the useful life of the patents. All of this was achieved within 6 months. The OxFirst IP valuation was a game changer for this firm. It established IP as the core element of the business. IP is now on top of the Agenda of the Board. 

IP Valuation helps High-Tech Firm win investments worth 15 Million US Dollars.

OxFirst’s IP valuation assured this high-tech company its first round of institutional investments worth 15 million US Dollars. The valuation was performed from a technology transfer perspective and assessed the opportunities associated with establishing joint ventures and licensing collaborations on the basis of the firm’s intellectual property. The company aims to enable superconductivity at close to room temperature and enjoyed already significant funding from private investors. The OxFirst IP valuation was a turnaround for the firm. It helped the Board come to grips with the business of IP and assured an enhanced management of the IP.

IP valuation forms cornerstone of 10 Million US Dollars Patent Sale

The OxFirst IP valuation facilitated an international patent portfolio transfer. The sell side was a European company in distress. The buy side was a U.S. private equity firm. The deal was structured by a major U.S. law firm. The parties requested an independent expert opinion of the sales value of the patents. The deal volume exceeded 10 million US Dollars. OxFirst undertook an economic assessment of the patents and estimated the arbitrage opportunities associated with the intellectual property. 


“The result of OxFirst’s economic analysis was a clear, realistic valuation which we have been able to use subsequently to help inform our existing shareholders as well as to support our recent funding round.”

Fredrik Oweson. Partner, Scope Private Equity & Brought MySQL to the Market

“We recently retained Oxfirst to perform a valuation of our patent portfolio where they had a very short time frame in which to complete it. They were very responsive, professional and we were very pleased with the final result.”

Bill Langer. Angel Investor & CEO of Langer Companies

“A proven expert in a variety of intellectual property matters, particularly with an international dimension. My colleagues and I greatly appreciate the considerable knowledge and professionalism.”
Dr Richard Flammer. Principal Director, European Patent Office

“This study led to Austria’s first National IP Strategy. It was the very first of its kind in Austria. Quantitative arguments are used where appropriate and OxFirst’s fact-based, yet refreshing piece of research was very positively received within various Austrian Government Bodies.”

Dr Ludovit Garzik. CEO, Austrian Council for Research and Technology Development

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