Intellectual Property Valuation & Economic Analysis

Why IP Strategy Matters

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Know Your Worth with an IP Valuation

Intellectual property management is as important as managing physical property and protecting its worth. Do you know how valuable your business is when intellectual property is included?.

Oxfirst offers IP valuation services to a wide range of businesses. Discover the true worth of your business – the brand name, patents, and trademarks.

Take advantage of our IP valuation services and patent valuation services to gain a better understanding of your business. If you are based in Oxford, choose our group of experts to undertake an audit. Specific to your business and tailored to suit, it unlocks the real value of your business.

Learn More with IP Valuation Training

Our IP valuation training courses are fully CPD accredited. Choose from a versatile mix of options to train in the best way for you.

Our course modules cover:

  • IP auditing
  • Overcoming pitfalls
  • Monetizing your IP knowledge

… and much more.

Contact Oxfirst today to find out more about our suite of intellectual property services in Oxford.

Take Advantage of Our Economic Consulting Services

From economic analysis to competition economics, your business could outperform the competition with access to knowledge in this area.

We are one of the leading economic consulting firms in Oxford and the surrounding area. We can help you:

  • Choose the best policies based on economic facts
  • Make the best economic decisions to enhance your future
  • Work out the value of your portfolio
  • Protect your patents and trademarks

Contact us today for further advice about our economic consulting and IP valuation services.

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