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An engaging, thoughtful, and creative course in the realm of intellectual property and innovation.
Neil Rudisill

Vice President, Goldman Sachs

An incisive, stimulating, and analytically rigorous course! The course combined core texts with challenging material that forced me to intelligently criticize existing discussions on IP and re-think my own perspectives.
Timothy de Swardt

Barrister, Kobre & Kim LLP

Course Modules

Fundamentals of IP Valuation

Value Based IP Management

IP Sales, Licencing & IP Finance

Adopting an IP Assets Perspective

Searching for IP Monetization Opportunities

Overcoming the Pitfalls of IP Valuation

Extracting Value from IP

Developing Tools for IP Valuation

IP Audit

IP as a Merchandise

Course Moderators 

Professor Graham Richards
Teaching Experience: University of Oxford
IP Wealth Generation Experience: Patents covering his invention formed the baseline of a Firm now publicly traded on the UK stock exchange FTSE. Also one of the founding fathers of the Tech Transfer Office of the University of Oxford. In addition he launched IP Group an investment firm specialized in providing funding available for IP stemming from Universities.

Patrick Terroir
Teaching Experience: Sciences Po Paris
IP Wealth Generation Experience: Intensely involved in the French IP fund ‘France Brevets’, which helps French SMEs in licensing their technology.

Dr Roya Ghafele
Teaching Experience: University of Oxford & University of Edinburgh
IP Wealth Generation Experience: Through OxFirst she helped SMEs unleash revenue gains on the basis of their patents in excess of 30 Mio Euro. Involved in commercializing intellectual property, OxFirst has assisted firms with valuing, selling and licensing their IP.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Why Should I Participate in the Course?
  • Enhance your career prospects without interrupting your current work commitments
  • Understand important trends in IP valuation and IP management and develop the ability to lead an IP strategy and create and capture value from IP
  • Develop the tools needed for effective IP strategy execution in your own organisational context
  • Access the latest research and thinking on IP strategy and innovation from world-leading Oxford academic(s)
  • Exchange experiences and discuss strategic issues with a senior management peer group from around the globe
  • Build on your existing knowledge, professional qualifications and experience for growing your IP valuation skills
Will I obtain a Diploma?
Yes, the course is CPD accredited and you will receive a Diploma
Is this Course for Me?
This program is designed to enhance your ability to take effective strategic decisions in today’s dynamic IP environment, and to establish and maintain an IP portfolio for competitive advantage.

We look for professionals who have or may have experience as inventors, creators, entrepreneurs, business leaders or lawyers. Most important to us is your sense of curiosity.  We are eager to assure a high-impact course, so we select participants for the course with care. In particular, we are eager to put teams together where we see a good fit and complementary skills within the group.

Language Skills
The course is taught in English, although in exceptional circumstances it can also be taught in German and French. You would be expected to have the necessary language skills to join the course.
The fees cover the training course. Payment can be made by bank wire. You will find detailed information on your invoice. Full payment must be received prior to starting the course.
Getting started
Your application must have been accepted prior to starting the program.
What will I get Out of the Course?
This two day program helps IP executives learn to acquire forward leaping insights through speedy experimentation, in-depth analysis, self-observation and comprehensive assessment of IP strategy options.

The intensive workshop fleshes out powerful tools to align IP strategy with business goals, grasp core concepts of IP valuation and target novel markets for IP commercialization. Targeted at IP professionals from around the world it allows you to advance your career, while cutting edge IP management training assures corporations are equipped for capturing IP driven growth.

This is program will allow you to familiarize yourself with a powerful way to extract the maximum value from IP. Participants are introduced to core elements of IP valuation, IP portfolio optimization and IP commercialization.

How do you match IP to market dynamics?

How do you develop a strategy to capture value from IP?

How do you value your IP?

A patent that is beautifully drafted does not automatically guaranteed breath taking profits. If a firm’s IP maintenance fees are going to pay off, it needs a strategic approach that not only excludes, but beats competition. This two day program will equip you with powerful tools that will help you extract maximum value from your IP, while equipping you with a basic understanding on IP valuation.

Who teaches the Course?
The course will be taught by experienced teachers with teaching experience from Oxford University, who also have practical experience in this field
Course Attendance
Team participation enhances the students’ ability to develop IP wealth generation goals as a team and develop strategies for IP as well as knowledge transfer. It also helps to build a joint vision, so please understand that we ask you to attend the course.
How Do I Apply?
Please send us a cover letter detailing your motivation to join the course, alongside a C.V. We do not require any formal training prior to joining the course, but we look for enthusiasts who are eager to make a difference and translate the concepts of the course into practice.
Cancellation policy
We accept cancellations 30 days in advance. Up to two weeks before the course starts, we withhold 50% of the fees. Given that the course demands a lot of preparation, we are however not in a position to offer a refund for cancellations made within two weeks prior to the course’s start date. (unless you get ill or there are other force majeur reasons)
Further information
If you would like to discuss with us if the course is right for you, then please get in touch with us. We will be happy to provide further information via telephone or e-mail (info@oxfirst.com)

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