Recent Conferences

Professionalization of Tech Transfer and IP Management at Universities. TU Illmenau. PatInfo. 1.7.2017. View.

What Patent Governance Structure for the Internet of Things? Max Planck Institute for Innovation and Competition. Munich. 3rd of March 2017. View.

Assessing Damages under the Unified Patent Court. Global Women in IP Leadership Forum 2017. 9th of February 2017. London. View.

Roya Ghafele. IP Commercialization in the Financial Sector. FinTech Conference. London 30th of March 2017. View.

Should Standard Setting Organizations Define FRAND? 10th Annual Standards, Patents & Competition Law & Litigation Conference. Informa. London. December 4 & 5 2016. View.

The role on injunctions in licensing negotiations. Patent Enforcement Conference. Managing IP. London. October 5 2016. View.

The role of Standard Setting Organizations in the FRAND Debate. Global Patent Congress. IQ Legal. Brussels. 26-28 September 2016. View.

IP Valuation in Emerging market contexts. Managing IP in Asia Forum. London. June 23 2016. View

The role of IP management in Technology Transfer. Patinfo. Illmenau. June 8-10 2016. View.

Global IP Strategies to generate Value. 2nd Global IP Summit. International IP Law Association. June 6 2016. View.

IP Valuation for Litigation Purposes. Nordic IPR Forum. Copenhagen. March 15 and 16 2016. View

The IEEE Patent Policy.  Standardisation, Innovation and Consumers – What is Next in FRAND Licensing? British Institute of International and Comparative Law. London. 2 March 2016. View

The Value of Standard Essential Patents. Standards, Patents & Competition Law. IBC Legal Conference. London. December 2-3 2015. View

IP Management & Valuation in the Pharma industry. Life Sciences IP Exchange. Frankfurt. November 4-5 2015. View

Maximizing IPR Value. Premiercircle. IP Summit 2015. Berlin. 3rd and 4th of December 2015.

Assessing Damages under the Unified Patent Court. EPO/Premiercircle joint Conference on the Unified Patent System. Munich. 15th of July 2015. View.

Global Patent Strategy Exchange. Dublin. 9th – 10th of June 2015. View.

Austria’s National Intellectual Property Strategy. 23rd Annual Fordham intellectual Property Law and Policy Conference on April 8-9, 2015, Cambridge. View.

IPR in the Boardroom. Extracting Value from IPR. The Economist. Senior Business Leaders Roundtable. The ‘Economist’ London. 21.11.2014. View.

High Impact Patent Generation. Chartered Institute of Patent Attorneys Annual Conference. 2nd – 3rd of October 2014. View.

Europaforum Alpbach. Intellectual Property (IP) – System am Scheideweg? 27th of August 2014. Alpbach. Tirol. View.

IPR and Technology Law in the Commonwealth. Leadership Forum initiated by HRH the Princess Royal. Buckingham Palace. London. 23rd of March 2014.

Generating Revenues for Musicians in Online Environments. 4th Vienna Music Business Research Days. 20th and 21st of June 2013. Vienna University of Applied Arts.

The Business Impact of Patent Aggregation and Financial Platforms for IP. 4th IP Exchange. The 4th Global IP Exchange. Munich. 3 – 5 March 2013. View.

The Impact of Fair Use on Singapore’s Creative Services. 21st Annual IPR and Public Policy Conference at Fordham University. 4th and 5th of April 2013. New York. View.

Electronic Patent Licensing Platforms. The Paneuropean IP Summit. Brussels IP 2012. Premier Circle. 6. & 7.12. 2012. View.

Crowdsourcing Patent Search. EPIP – European Policy for IP. September 27-28, 2012 Leuven. View.

IP Economics. DG Internal Market. European Commission. September 25 2012. Brussels. View.

Open Innovation and IP. Telefonica Patent Club Conference. Madrid. 20th of September 2012.

The role of patent pools in the telecom sector. GSMA Annual IPR Conference. Shanghai. 18th to 20th of June 2012. View.

Establishing a secondary market for IP. Licensing Executive Society Pan European Summit. 10th of June 2012. View.

Economic Patent Information. East meets West- Asian Patent Information Tools. European Patent Office Annual Congress. Vienna 16th to 19th of April 2012. View.

Standard Setting in ICT innovations. What role for emerging market entrepreneurs? International Telecommunication Union. United Nations. Standing Committee on Standards and ICT Innovation. Geneva, 18-21.3.2012. View.

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