5th IP and Competition Forum Building Bridges in Turbulent Markets

February 6 & 7 2020 - Brussels

Why Join? 

  • Advance the state of Play for Markets for Standard Essential Patents
  • Hear first-hand what Judges, Academics and Public Authorities have to say on some of the hottest trends in the sector
  • Be part of a Thriving Community of Thought Leaders
  • Enjoy, Debate and Have Fun!

What this event is about? 

For the fifth time in a row we are inviting to discuss the interplay of IP and Competition. With several key questions to be addressed, such as global FRAND licensing rates, the determination of royalty rates, as well as recent case law in this area, there is a dire need to calibre the role of both IP and competition law for the ICT innovation ecosystem. More than ever before is it important to provide thought leadership and contribute to formulating judicial and governance perspectives that will assure that IP remains a tool for economic growth and prosperity.

Call for Presentations 

Submit your proposal for a presentation. Your proposal should not be more than 450 words and address the judicial and/or policy implications and how you intend to address the issues at stake.

Call for Committee Members 

Interested in becoming a Committee Member?
Send us a brief summary of your background and describe shortly how you could contribute

The new technology challenges ahead of us will be as exciting as those of the past. Your dedicated support allows us to continue to shape the world of IP and Competition. Thank you for your help.

*All fees such as call for proposals, committee membership, participation to be communicated in due course.

Suggestions for Topics

Views from the Judiciary on IP and Competition
Principles of FRAND Licensing Rate Determination
Should FRAND Licensing Rates be Global?
Governance and Balance Requirements in Standard Setting Organizations
Insights Gained from Recent Case Law
Essentiality Checks and Patent Validity
Views from Public Authorities on the Interplay of IP and Competition Law
Access to FRAND Licenses
Injunctions in FRAND vs non-FRAND cases
Recent Trends in Markets for Standard Essential Patents
NPEs as Litigators/Licensors
An International Trade Perspective on FRAND
Patent pools as a Means to Facilitate licensing transactions?
Sketching an Ideal Scenario for the Future of FRAND licensing