Selected Press Articles

Die Suche nach dem Patentrezept für Geistiges Eigentum. 27.8.2014. In: Die Presse. View.

Roya Ghafele. Real Life Lessons in Intellectual Property and Open Innovation. 23.7.2014. In: Managing Intellectual Property Magazine. View.

Roya Ghafele. Europe’s Missed Copyright Royalty Opportunity. In: Managing Intellectual Property Magazine. 27.3. 2014. View.

How to Improve Patent Quality by Using Crowd Sourcing In: Innovation Management No 9 2011. Pp. 7-14. View.

Das Wenig Geschätzte Eigentum. 14.10.2014 In: Das Wirtschaftsblatt. View.

Roya Ghafele. Why Europe Needs more Reliable IPR Valuations. 5.3.2014. In: Managing Intellectual Property Magazine. View.

Financing Innovation in Developing Countries. In: Intellectual Asset Management No 30 2008, pp. 19-25. View.

It’s Time to Rethink IP Education, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine December/January 2007 No. 21, pp.28-40. View.

Financing through Understanding: IP in Biotechnology. In: Managing Intellectual Property No. 4 2007, pp. 20-28. View.

Mind the Gap: Why accounting for Intellectual Property does not work. IP Frontline. 23.12.2008. View.

Intellectual Property Management – Clash of Mindsets, Cover Story, Intellectual Asset Management Magazine June/July 2006 Nr. 18, p.31-35. View.

Capturing the Benefits of Biomedical Innovation in Developing Countries: The Case of Jordan and Indonesia: In: WIPO Magazine No. 3 2007 pp. 5-10. View.

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