Selected Reports

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The Case of Byblos and Saida, Lebanon. EBLA International Center for Research on the Economics of Culture, Institutions and Creativity. University of Turin Department of Economics. Discussion Paper 01 2006, p. 1- 36. View.

Financing Technology on the Basis of Intellectual Property: The preliminary role of Intellectual Property in developing technology markets in countries in transition. OECD discussion paper. OECD. Paris 2005. View.

Open Access. What policy choices for Austria? Austrian Technology Council. 2015. View.

IP: A Business Tool for SMEs. A Guide for the Furniture, Leather, Footwear and Textiles Industries. Translated into 13 languages. European Commission. 2009, pp.1-180. View.

Technology Transfer and Intellectual Property in Austria. A Perspective from New Institutional Economics. (in German) Policy Discussion Paper. Austrian Council for Research and Technology April 2010, p.1-38. ORF.atView.

Public Sector IP Management for Public Health Outcomes: Implications for Statistical Analysis and Valuation. United Nations. Department of Economic and Social Affairs. Statistics Division Discussion Paper IA/16 10.7.2006. View.

SMEs or Micromultinationals? Leveraging the Madrid System for International Branding. WIPO SME Newsletter No. 9 2006. View.

Disclaimer: Some of these publications may have been undertaken before the formal creation of Oxfirst. The Copyright of these publications belongs to the published and are only quoted here as a reference.

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