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As IP ownership grows, it is increasingly significant to identify the various mechanisms available to rights holders in developing countries to commercialize their IP. The shifting towards an intangible asset management paradigm is a key factor in promoting an efficient and working exchange for patents and other intangibles. If companies perceive IP solely as a necessary component of legal strategy to defend their product lines in the courtroom than they will be totally unwilling to exchange licenses like tradable commodities. Fortunately, there is reason for optimism. Borod remarks that ‘despite relatively light issuance volume for IP-backed transactions, IP remains an asset class with a potentially robust future’ (Borod 2005, 65). This future is here today. Perceiving IP as an intangible asset that is a critical component of business value is merely a first step. Moving towards transparent markets that enable IP to become a liquid, tradable asset class will generate substantial efficiency gains and revenue streams. (quote from Ghafele et al, 2007)

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