We do not just do a decent job.

We are committed to doing the best possible job the client can get.

In doing so, we seek to combine cutting edge research insights with practical experience gained through commercial activities.

Client First

When clients succeed, we succeed.

We commit ourselves to our client’s goals and offer solutions to assure our clients excels.

Our client’s priorities are our priorities.

Preserve Integrity

We do not provide biased advice or compromise our integrity.

Our work is fact-based, impartial and daring.

This requires courage; the courage to advise what the facts suggest and not what the client wants to hear.

Lead through Innovation

Together with our clients we offer new perspectives on established views.

We challenge the status quo and never tire of asking new questions.

Instead of repeating conventional wisdom, we ask what has not yet been asked and offer insights where insights have not yet been offered.

Offer Tailored Solutions

Every client and project deserves tailored solutions.

Instead of offering standardized, pre-fabricated solutions, we understand each project as a new opportunity to apply our creativity and analytical skills to offer optimal solutions that fit the needs of the client.

There is no one size fits all.

Intellectual Property Valuation and Economic Analysis